The Definition of RATTLIFE

RATTLIFE  [raht-lyfe]


  1. addicted to or characterized by living wild, free and outside the norms of society; extravagant: a glamorously vicious life


Lexi November 25, 2013 @08:11 pm
I found your band because I was looking up the movie Surfer Dude lol Hope you guys do well with your band. Have a good day :)
Ed September 19, 2013 @06:49 am
Dude, the Republicans are going to use your Fox News interview to take the food out of the mouth of millions of people - young kids, old people, whatever. I know that' s not what you planned but now you're the poster boy for these fuckers. You need to set it straight. "Lobster boy" my ass. Don't let them define you, man.
John August 12, 2013 @08:41 pm
Come on nothing great about your lifestyle. Your just sucking off the public tit. Your not man enough to earn your way thru life. It's easy to do what your doing if you never want to be anyone or go anywhere. Face it your never going to make it as a band cause you guys suck! Go back into mommy's basement and circle jerk.
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