The Response To America

Jason and RATTLIFE respond to the haters...

Better fucking Reckognize!

Chillin with Rattlifer Jesse Watters

Chillin Out with Our Former Mayor Roger Hedgecock

Always keepin it Rattlife..     See you at out next show Roger!

Living the Rattlife is good

Lobster, Champagne and Babes!

Oh Snap! Album coming soon.

Not For you Average Listener..

Sneak Preview of Upcoming Album Release

Coming to you home town soon! (Unmixed/Mastered Look Into whats coming)

Bikes, Babes, Interviews... A day in the life

Fox National News caught a glimpse of guitarist Jason Greenslate and had to interview him and the band, which turned into a two day "Day in the Life" affair of surfing, biking, barbequeing, jamming... all round 'Rattlifing'. We had a blast and we're pretty sure they did too... Take a look at more photos

He doesn't just rip on the drums....


Watch Out Big Black Manny!!

Girls Girls Girls

The Definition of RATTLIFE

RATTLIFE  [raht-lyfe]


  1. addicted to or characterized by living wild, free and outside the norms of society; extravagant: a glamorously vicious life

Car washes are not always a chore

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