Chron Johnson  AKA "Schneider The Rider" - Vocals/Guitar






From the beaches of San Diego, bonafide hustler, big dreams, big boss daddy. Traveling the world, one wrecked hotel at a time. Partying from the brothels of Tijuana mexico, to the beautiful beaches of Brazil, to the ports of Monte Carlo all in one month is nothing new to this seasoned RocknRoller.



Jason "The Dragon" Greenslate  AKA "Freebasin Jason" - Lead Guitar






Freebasin Jason from San Diego. His name says it all. This rocker should probably slow down but instead he keeps it Ratttlife. From High Speed chaises, to being kicked out of every bar, this Rattlfer is slowing down for no one. And his party isn't going to stop anytime soon.



Alex Creed  AKA "Thug Nasty Al" - Drums





WATCH OUT for this guy in your rear view mirror rollin up on you to handle business. Bitches and bikes are his pleasures.



Joaquin The Dream  - Bass







The only big Indian in this group of cowboys, catch him slapping the bass, just watch out or you'll catch him slapping you.